Cleaver Optical Fiber Cleaver Coating Diameter


Provides approximately 36,000 cleaves
Compact body& light weight
High Precision Cleaves
250um Coated or 900um Buffer fiber
Singlemode or Multimode Use
12 Position Rotatable and Replicable Blade

Dimensions: 63x65x63 mm(WxDxH)
Weight: 430g without scrap collector; 475g with scrap collector
Coating diameter: 0.25mm-0.9mm (Single)
Cladding diameter: 0.125mm
Cleave Length: 9mm-16mm(Single fiber-0.25mm coating)
10mm-16mm(Single fiber-0.9mm coating)
Typical Cleave Angle: 0.5┬░
Typical Blade Life: 36,000 fiber cleaves
Applicable fibers Singlemode or Multimode Use
Fiber Diameter 125um
Coating Diameter 250um ~ 900um
Number of steps for cleave: 2
Blade adjustment: Rotational&height


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