Cyber-Tera Online is a Trusted South African technology leader specializing in the office solutions and a wide range of IT equipment /devices. We offer an innovative portfolio that includes hardware, software solutions, support and maintenance services that help our customers manage an efficient and secure information workflow. Backed by award-winning research and development –an array of globally acclaimed multifunctional devices that enhances business efficiency reduces monthly costs increases organizational productivity. Our client base is assured of quality service and top of the range products- computer hardware, copiers, scanners, fax machines, printers, PABX systems, & software’s and IT related devices.

Vision statement

Cyber-Tera Online wants to be known as Company that provides computer hardware and software solution as well as technical support. We will always work to improve our services and capabilities. We will be recognize as a comprehensive solution company. Not just provider of ingredients. We have no desire to over promise our clients. But our mission is to be the best.

Mission statement

Cyber-Tera Online will constantly strive to be the best service company to look at for your IT solution and innovations. We will do this by having partners instead of customers, realizing that the success of those with whom we work with, is our success.
The principles of honesty, ethics and support override the desire to profit, profit will come by treating our customers and working partners with integrity and sincere desire to see them prosper
Our employees are our family, our customers and partners are our extended family. We will provide for them accordingly.
Honesty and respect for others is not a policy, it is a way of living and doing business

Our team and management

Our fully qualified and well experienced stuff (account managers, sales team and technicians) are always ready to assess our clients’ needs and promptly to deliver to their satisfactory. We also thrive to offer interns to college students from disadvantage backgrounds. We are backed by management with more than 10 years’ experience in the IT industry and latest technology.

Companies we associate with:

Small and medium-sized enterprises

• Government and Private Schools
• Private Companies
• Universities and Tvet/Private Colleges
• Retails Stores
•Government institutions